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All the Wardrobe Essentials After You Have a Baby, From 3 Moms

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When it comes to dressing for your pregnancy, all the sartorial focus tends to be on maternity clothes, but what about style after you’ve had a baby? For many who give birth, the postpartum period can be sartorially challenging. Maternity clothes look too big (and you’re probably tired of them at this point) but you’re not quite fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans either. It took 10 months for your body to get here, so it’s only natural that there’s an adjustment period after. In the meantime, it’s important to feel good about yourself during this sleep-deprived and hormone-rampant time.

For some style motivation, we tapped three fashion influencers who have recently had babies to get their insight on their postpartum style essentials. Scroll below as they share their wardrobe must-haves after having a baby.

"My style after baby is a bit more practical than before Honor was born, but that doesn't mean sacrificing chicness. I was anxious to get back into my pre-pregnancy favorites like comfy tees, boyfriend jeans, and easy jumpsuits. Styles like these are flattering while still being stylish (though let's be honest—on some days, workout pants and sweatshirts are just necessary). Chic sweaterdresses that aren't too tight on my tummy have also been making their way into my outfit rotation, with cute flats and fun accessories that make a simple look pop."

Swap out your everyday sneakers for chic flat slides. Available in sizes 6 to 10.
A dark gray hue to camouflage any spills.
For sleep-deprived days.
When you need to make an effort, opt for this laid-back yet polished dress.

"At five weeks postpartum, as my body slowly melts back down to a new version of my old self, dressing has been a bit of a struggle. Luckily, with a new baby, you spend a lot of time in your pajamas (so get some cute ones, ladies!). One other thing that is for certain, those favorite vintage Levi's I'd been dreaming about slipping back into. Yeah, that won't be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, I'm making do by adding a few pairs of jeans and pants a couple sizes up, along with tops that accommodate breastfeeding. Think button-downs, crop tops, and V-necks. And last but not least, I'm splurging on engraved jewelry with my baby girl's name or initials."

Available in sizes XXXS to XXL.
Available in sizes S to L.
Available in sizes 23 to 32.

"Having a baby is a life changer, to say the least, but I believe it's important to stay true to yourself, and that includes your style. Yes, you have to be more practical and yes, you seldom have time to get ready, but I do think there are essential go-to 'mom pieces' that allow you to do all of the above. Being a new mom is hard, but when you take care of yourself and look good and feel good, it makes everyone's life (including your newborn's) easier, better, and sweeter."

"No-sweat outfit. Once you have the baby and come home, friends and family start visiting. Instead of keeping on the same sweats you slept in and wore all day, change it up with an easy button-down dress. It's a foolproof outfit that also makes breastfeeding super easy." Available in sizes S to L.
"I may still be a rookie mom, but I think you can have a good bag that's not the typical diaper bag. This one is practical and can fit all your baby essentials. Plus it's something you'll actually fall in love with."
"Okay, it may be ambitious, but I think going out with your husband for date night within the first month of becoming a new mom is crucial. Feel like your old self again and get dressed up. I'm obsessed with this Lovers + Friends dress. A great buy that you can wear all through spring and summer." Available in sizes XXS to L.

For more tips, check out our ultimate maternity style guide.

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