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9 Valentine's Day Gifts We're Drooling Over

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A quick survey of the Who What Wear office confirms that Valentine’s Day evokes rather mixed feelings. Some of us are counting down the days till all those pink and red hearts go away, while others among us love making swanky dinner reservations and scheduling flower deliveries. No matter what team we’re on, though, we can’t deny our love of giving (and receiving) gifts.

So we tapped our editors for the best V-Day gifts in the game via editor-favorite jewelry brand David Yurman, from the pieces they say their besties would drool over to the items they’re not-so-subtly dropping hints to their friends, families, and S.O.s about. Want to ensure best gift-giver status come February 14? Shop our editors’ top jewelry picks below.

“What I love about these heart-shaped earrings is that they strike the perfect balance between classic and on-theme for the holiday. Plus, I’m into the idea of gifting someone something they can use or wear every day so they’re always thinking of you or the time you gave it to them.”
“This bracelet has something of a souvenir vibe that I always appreciate in jewelry—it makes things look more personal and like there’s a story behind them. Unlike a trinket you’d pick up on vacation, though, this pick would last you forever.”
“I’m a sucker a pendant necklace and anything you can personalize, so I would definitely gift myself this necklace (and likely never take it off).”
“This bracelet is the definition of timeless. It can easily be dressed up or worn casually with a T-shirt and jeans. To me, that’s the goal of a great piece of jewelry.”
“If a man in your life is a fan of wearing jewelry, this bracelet is the way to go. It’s subtle, sleek, and easy to wear. This piece is definitely something special to gift him for Valentine’s Day, and since it’s so versatile, the intention and meaning behind giving the gift will be remembered every time he wears it—which will be often!”
“I’m definitely a ring hoarder, so when I saw this perfectly layerable yet striking ring, I was hooked. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something special or are craving yet another ring to stack atop the rest of your collection, let this gorgeous pavé ring be your starting point. You deserve it.”
“Hearts are one of my favorite jewelry trends at the moment. They’re playful and fun, so they’re the perfect gift for a close friend.”
“I always opt for pieces that feel timeless and modern, and this gray titanium ring is no exception. Perfect for any guy with classic style.”
“My everyday uniform always includes a pendant necklace, and I love the pretty diamond and sapphire details in this one. It’s the perfect layering piece to wear over T-shirts and dresses. And the rain cloud even reminds me of summer storms from where I grew up in Arizona.”

Want to see even more A+ gift ideas for your loved ones (and yourself)? Head over to David Yurman’s site—just don’t blame us when you realize you need every single thing.

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