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9 Steps to Defining Your Personal Style


Personal style is an elusive beast at best. Besides the fact that it’s ever evolving, we’re sure you also appreciate a handful of different styles. But which one truly speaks to you? That’s where we come in. We’ve nailed down the steps to discovering the particular look that speaks to your most fashionable self. Click through now—your personal style is waiting.

The likelihood of finding a single style icon that defines you? Kinda low. Most people are more of a mix, think: a little Sienna Miller with a dose of Kate Bosworth, plus a dash of Mary-Kate Olsen. To figure out who your main influencers are, start by doing a Pinterest search of “style icons” and save the images you are drawn to. You’ll start to see a collection of repeat people (your style menagerie) who you can look to for inspiration.
Take a second pass at your inspiration photos, look beyond the names, and focus on the outfits. Pick a few words to describe the vibe of the looks. Are they ladylike, modern, edgy, bohemian, or classic? Settle on a handful of words that feel true to your style, and write them down for future reference, as they will help you clarify and define your look.
You know those special days when you walk out the door feeling like your most stylish self? Snap a quick picture for future reference. These are the outfits that epitomize your true personal style, and should serve as inspiration for spin-off outfits.
Audrey Hepburn had her cropped pants and ballet flats, Jackie O. had her oversized sunglasses, and Edie Sedwick had her statement earrings and mod minis. All fashionable women own a signature item or two that becomes part of their style identity. Yours can be as simple as a personalized piece of jewelry or a leopard coat.
Have a closet full of striped tees? There’s a reason your closet has an excess of a certain item. You purchase these items again and again because they make you happy and feel comfortable. They are your style sweet spot, if you will. As long as the item is flattering and works for your current style, we say viva la repeat offenders! As we mentioned in step four, it’s not a bad thing to rely on a signature staple.
Take a hard look at your closet and notice the piece or two that doesn’t fit with the overall vibe. Is there a bohemian embroidered blouse among a sea of collared button-up shirts? That’s your outlier. Chances are, your odd piece out symbolizes a style you like, but aren’t fully comfortable trying. If you’re aiming to evolve your look or try something new, consider going after pieces that feel more like that aspirational item.
Is there something people compliment you on? Whether it’s your toned back or your hourglass figure, wearing clothes that play up your best assets always looks stylish, no matter what is currently trendy. Find out more about which pieces flatter your figure with our story on spring shopping for every shape.
While we’re mainly concerned with clothing and accessories, true style encompasses beauty too. If you’re not happy with your beauty look, you’re never going to feel as fashionable as possible. To tackle this topic, we’ll refer you to our awesome sister site, Byrdie.com, for up-to-minute trends, advice, and useful tips to up your beauty game.
Trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. If you have more of a feminine-meets-classic style, like Lauren Conrad, wearing edgy pieces is going to look unnatural. Similarly, if you align with Rihanna’s tough-meets-glamorous looks, a twinset would look downright funny. You’ve likely already got a sense of killer style, so embrace it, and refine it, don’t fight it. Start step one (finding your style spirit menagerie) with our quiz: Who is Your Celebrity Style Doppelganger?
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