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9 Non-Sporty Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap

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Leave it to brands such as Balenciaga to turn a classic athletics staple into a fashion statement. However, while the baseball cap has officially made its way onto the heads of the fashion set, styling them IRL is another story. We’re not quite sure how this sun-protecting "dad" hat made its way onto the heads of style stars and models alike, but we do know that this athleisure trend has become more than just a cover-up for a bad hair day. Ahead, these ladies prove that the baseball cap can be a chic fashion accessory. Check them out now, and then try these ensembles for yourself.

Go for a chic athleisure vibe in a crushed velvet tracksuit and then top it off with a simple black cap.
If you're wearing a hat on a rainy day, keep your ensemble polished with a pair of patent pants and a longline coat.
Color coordinating will always make your outfit look put together.
Adding a cap to a maxi dress + longline coat ensemble will instantly dress down your look without making it too casual.
If you're opting for bright and bold colors, a simple black cap will finish off your outfit nicely.
For a rainy day, a structured anorak will keep you from looking too much like you're attending a sporting event.
When in doubt, wear a blazer. Bonus points if you're matching your hat to your shirt to connect the accessory with the rest of your clothes.
Tap into the streetwear look with a leather moto jacket and a pair of tapered trousers. Add a little flair with some floral boots.
Nothing says chic like a coordinated coat and a chic midi dress.

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