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9 Bold Trends That Don't Intimidate New York Girls


We're not saying all New Yorkers have bold style—some prefer a minimal, pared-back aesthetic, of course—but it's not uncommon for us to spot an out-there trend on an NYC lady before it becomes a full-blown, widespread craze. Perhaps New Yorkers just have chutzpah? Perhaps living in such a diverse, inspiring city creates a love of outside-the-box style? We won't claim to know the answer—we just know that if you're looking to adopt a few intrepid style moves, allow us to direct you to the photos ahead.

Be it with bold color, print, or statement accessories, the outfits below feature nine no-for-the-faint-of-heart trends. And if you're looking to shake up your usual routine—or maybe you've even fallen into a style rut—feel free to use the below to inspire your own next outfit masterpiece.

Blazers and bike shorts are our favorite style contradiction. Wearing one should almost come with the assumption that you shouldn't be wearing the other, and yet we're sold on this boardroom-meets–Spin class aesthetic.
Bucket hats may have a "goofy" connotation, but the playful accessory also looks unexpected and cool, especially when worn with something a bit more polished.
Forget no-show socks. These old-school accessories are worn loud and proud.
When it comes to color coordinating, forget everything you think you know. There's truly no combination off-limits or not worth a try.
Also available in more sizes.
Black, white, and tan are classic. But silver? Equally versatile and twice as impactful.
We've haven't been this excited about slime since Double Dare.
Fanny packs may be an of-the-moment silhouette, but for a woman on the go, it's also practical as heck.
New Yorkers are all about the return of Western boots, especially worn with a decidedly less Western ensemble.
Who's to say whether you should wear your handbag or use it as a beautiful piece of décor?

Next, meet four women who underwent a huge style overhaul—and they're not looking back.

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