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8 Photogenic Tricks Meghan Markle Has Memorized


Given her career as an actress before her entry into life as a duchess, Meghan Markle has had lots of time to hone her looking-good-in-photos skills. While her days of posing on a red carpet might be over for now, she’s still photographed at length almost every time she exits the house (or palace, in her case). In fact, there are currently almost 400 pages of photos of Markle on Getty Images. So it goes without saying that Markle is a good person to study if you want to pick up a few photogenic tricks. I’ve done quite a few stories on Markle since she became engaged to Prince Harry, and I will say that there are very few bad photos of Markle, which isn’t something that can be said for every celebrity. She clearly knows what she’s doing.

Markle’s savvy photogenic skills range from how she holds her head to how big she smiles to what she wears, and I did the research to pull the universal tips to keep in mind the next time you’re faced with a camera (or more likely an iPhone camera). Keep scrolling for the Markle-tried-and-tested tricks and to shop flattering styles she swears by.

Markle's smile is undeniably gorgeous, but it's clear that she makes a conscious effort to not smile too big, as it can appear forced. On Meghan Markle: Hugo Boss
Taking a few deep breaths works for some people, while others need to hold something in their hands to avoid feeling awkward. Whatever works best for you, just try to relax and act natural. On Meghan Markle: Emilia Wickstead dress
You'll often find models like Kendall Jenner posing with one hip cocked slightly to the side and the opposite leg pointing out. It's a flattering, subtle pose that helps to elongate the body. On Meghan Markle: Misha Nonoo dress; Gianvito Rossi shoes
How you hold your head is of utmost importance when lenses are snapping, and Markle can often be found tilting her head down and slightly to the side, which is always a flattering angle. On Meghan Markle: Givenchy dress; Aquazzura shoes
Perhaps due to her royal grooming, Markle's posture is impeccable these days, and it pays off in photos. On Meghan Markle: Dior dress; Stephen Jones hat
Bright, solid colors really pop on camera (and get all the Instagram likes).  On Meghan Markle: Jason Wu dress; Dior clutch; Aquazzura shoes
You may have noticed that Markle likes to put her hand out (with that huge diamond ring) when she's walking, whether she realizes it or not. The takeaway is that if you have an accessory or jewelry piece you want to show off, it certainly won't hurt the photo.  . On Meghan Markle: Altuzarra Acacia Blazer and Serge Pants; Deitas blouse
Similar to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, Markle often wears waist-cinching pieces, which are universally flattering. On Meghan Markle: Nonie dress; Mulberry clutch

Next up, the dos and don'ts of dressing for Meghan Markle's inner circle.

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