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The Coolest Celeb Shots From Sundance

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The Sundance Film Festival officially kicks off in Park City, Utah, today. Movie buffs, of course, will be looking forward to all the sure-to-be-amazing film premieres, but we'll be zeroing in on the cold-weather outfits.

We decided to take a look at what celebs are wearing now, as well as dug through the archives for outfit tips from past Sundance festivals. What did we glean? For starters, stars are just like us: They're straight-up freezing in snowy weather too. Read on for our rankings of the chilliest to coziest Sundance looks from 2018 and year's past.

Just looking at John Legend's denim jacket and button-up shirt from 2016 is making us feel cold—although chic, the classic pieces won't keep you very warm in the snow. 
Brooklyn Decker's bare legs were a risky move in snowy weather, but we hope her cute parka and beanie kept her toasty enough. 
Elizabeth Olsen wore all the classic cold-weather accessories for a chic stroll during Sundance in 2014: a beanie, scarf, and boots. 
Salma Hayek gets bonus points for her knee-high boots and puffer coat with a fur trim, but her light-weight dress makes us think she was still chilly while snow fell on Park City last year. 
Gabrielle Union braved a cold Park City night in a furry coat and tights. 
Shearling coat, oversized sweater, and lace-up boots: Chloë Sevigny's outfit has all the makings of a toasty cold-weather look. 

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