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5 Telltale Signs of Cheap Boots


If Carrie Bradshaw was our IRL friend in 2018, we imagine most of our conversations would revolve around how much debt she’s in thanks to her shoe obsession. Simply put: Shoes are expensive, and for many, they’re the priciest category in our closets. So while we couldn’t necessarily discourage you (or Carrie) from snapping up a great pair of boots this fall, we do want to focus on pairs that are worth your money. So how do we know we’re buying quality boots? We called in an expert…

Susanne Botschen, co-founder of massive luxury e-commerce site MyTheresa, is also the co-founder of MarthaLouisa.com. Launched earlier this year, MarthaLouisa.com is the website you’d expect to find right at the top of Carrie’s bookmark bar; it houses some of the coolest designer shoes available today. Suffice it to say: Botschen knows how to spot a quality pair of boots. And in an effort to share her expertise, she boiled it down to five easy—and critical—steps for how to do it yourself. Read on for Botschen’s five key telltale signs of a cheap pair of boots.

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