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5 Outfit Combos Photogenic Women Swear By

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As any woman who is frequently photographed will tell you, after studying countless photos of yourself, you organically learn what type of outfit looks best on you. And if the outfit looks good in photographs, there's a good chance it looks good in real life and thus makes you feel confident.

Curious as to what outfits photogenic women swear by to look their best, we tapped five fashion industry insiders for their go-to outfit formulas. Between French It girl Jeanne Damas, models and entrepreneurs Michele Ouellet and Christy Dawn Petersen, stylist and street style star Rachael Wang, and our very own co-founder Hillary Kerr, we're confident that these expert-approved outfits are worth copying. And perhaps the best thing about this batch of photo-worthy outfits is that they're actually quite simple to re-create. In fact, the pieces needed just might be hanging in your closet right now, simply waiting to be worn together.

Keep scrolling to see and shop the photogenic outfits these women wear on repeat.

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This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Anna LaPlaca.

"I definitely have a tried-and-true formula that I stick to whenever I know I'm going to be photographed. My go-to look involves a slim-fit, lightweight sweater with three-quarter sleeves tucked into a below-the-knee full skirt, paired with heels that have a low vamp. I try to make sure the neckline on the sweater (or blouse—I'm slightly flexible) isn't too high, ideally hitting a little below my collarbone, as I have a very large head and don't want to look like my top is trying to smother me. I'm pretty hourglass-y in shape, so the tucked-in shirt is key to making my proportions looked balanced. I also like shoes that are simple, slightly pointy, and cut low on my toes, as this is the most elongating." — Hillary Kerr. Follow: @hillarykerr
"For castings I wear super-skinny high-waisted black jeans, a belt, and on top a slightly oversize T-shirt or button-down tucked in. I wear Newbark loafers because they're comfortable all day and take an otherwise casual outfit to something more polished and chic. Add black cat-eye glasses and we're good to go!" — Michele Ouellet. Follow: @kissser and @lorenzarose
"I love pairing a girly dress with a more masculine shoe. Either a sneaker or a vintage shoe that's been perfectly worn in." — Christy Dawn Petersen. Follow: @crittycat00 and @christydawn
"A simple outfit is best. The [Rouje] Momo white top and Swan white jeans are perfect for spring." — Jeanne Damas. Follow: @jeannedamas and @rouje
Damas is a fan of this Spanish espadrille brand.
"In a pinch, I know I can depend on my favorite vintage Levi's, an oversize striped men's button-down, and a pair of Brother Vellies Moroccan babouche to make me feel like me." — Rachael Wang. Follow: @rachael.wang

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