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3 Ways Successful Women Style Denim at the Office

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Here’s the thing, denim doesn’t have much of a history in the office. In fact, it hasn’t always been welcomed. As opposed to workplace staples like a pantsuit or a pencil skirt, jeans have often been a more restricted style. But with occasions like casual Fridays brought into the mix, created in large part to allow more non-traditional work outfits, denim has largely been let into the office fold. Perhaps not in all work environments, but it's certainly the case in the creative and fashion-adjacent spheres.

And with the rising acceptance of denim at the office, I was curious to find out how successful women are wearing it in a professional setting. A simple pair of jeans is endlessly versatile and really work as part of the modern work wardrobe. Here, three professionals in a range of fields are sharing how they wear jeans for their everyday jobs. Even if you only wear denim once a week, these are some ideas you’ll want to repeat.

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"Luckily, I work in a unique industry where wearing denim to the office is more than acceptable. When I wear jeans, I like to incorporate a tailored piece with something a little more trendy, then finish off the look with something quirky. Don't ask me to describe my personal style to you. I'm clearly still figuring it out."

"My go-to office uniform is a classic tee (usually styled with a sweater), a pair of high-waisted jeans, and my Gucci loafers. There's something so chic and effortless about it. I'm usually running around all day meeting with clients, so I like to feel comfy while on the go."

"Denim jeans are the most common workplace pieces at tech companies like Google. I love to choose a pair of jeans with interesting designs to look polished in the office. Raw-cut cuffed hem, inside-out side seams, or some colors/embroidery can instantly elevate my look. I usually style such jeans with clean-looking tops and shoes so that the look is balanced and my jeans are the center of the attention."

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