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28 Perfect Ways to Wear White This Winter

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At a time of year where spring is just peeking through, there’s nothing better than embracing winter whites. The air is still crisp, days are getting longer, and an overall chill is beginning to break, but your wardrobe might not be ready to break out the lighter fabrics just yet. Of course, you don’t have to forgo your spring trends just because the cold front is still here. In fact, what better time to infuse your outfits with a poppy print or, in today’s case, winter white than when you need it most?

Though you probably shouldn’t wear your summer whites when it’s cold (i.e., lace dresses and eyelet blouses won’t work), there are still plenty of offerings in cold-weather fabrics and textures. From street style and editorial shoots to runway looks, see below for 28 inspiring ways to wear winter white this season, and then head over to our editor-curated boutiques to pick up a frosty jacket or dress for your wardrobe.

If you're someone who typically wears dark neutrals, contrast them with a cream-colored coat.
This season, it's all about a statement coat. A faux fur will always be playful. If you need more, iridescent sneakers aren't a bad addition.
When you don't feel like wearing pants, opt for over-the-knee boots and a skirt, playing with proportions. This look can have major payoff.
If you feel like shedding a layer or two, cozy up in a white or cream turtleneck.
If you plan on wearing head-to-toe white, choose pieces in different shades and textures of white.
Yes, you can wear that white spring dress for winter with a long-sleeve t-shirt and tights.
Let a flash of white peek out from beneath a darker coat for some epic contrast. Top of the look with extra comfortable accessories such as warm boots and a knit beanie.
If you're feeling formal, a white jumpsuit with a fur-trimmed coat will be a surefire head-turner.
A stole is a timeless, yet unexpected accessory that'll steal the spotlight.
A fluffly white beanie is an instant mood lifter. Not to mention it'll keep your head and ears warm!
When in doubt, a shaggy white coat will instantly elevate your look—even if you're finishing it off with a simple tee, jeans, and sneakers.
Keep your winter whites interesting by playing with  varying textures. This cable-knit fisherman sweater paired with a fringe skirt will easily stand out.
Why not invest in a pair of classic white trousers? Equally as flattering, and so chic.
Contrast a romantic white sweater–and-skirt combination with grunge-inspired socks and lace-up boots.
Drape a textured white coat over your leather moto jacket for a quick update without your outfit getting too bulky.
We can't look away from this simple white tee worn with a dramatic feather skirt. Top it off with a fur coat and you're set for any formal occasion.
We're still not over the super-chic pajama trend, and this look just proved it. Wear your favorite silk white trousers with a button-down shirt in different tones to remain polished.
If you feel like wearing that spring dress when it's still cold out, a pair of white slacks will make this look transition-weather ready.
While they may not be the most practical feature, the extra-long statement sleeve is always an appealing aesthetic.
In case you needed a new way to tie your favorite sweater around your shoulders.
Not ready to commit to an all-white look yet? Throw on a simple white scarf to dip your toes in.
A thin white turtleneck is an easy way to incorporate the hue into your winter wardrobe. Wear it alone under a pale gray suit for a monochromatic look, or layer it under a dress.
Winter is the perfect time to play with contrasting textures, such as this combo featuring a chunky knit sweater and leather pants.
When the temperatures start to rise, wear your cozy sweater paired with a mini skirt. If it's still too cold to go with completely bare legs, throw on a pair of tights.
While you might typically wear that blue striped shirt with a pair of trousers or jeans, white jeans will make this look perfect, and you can wear it into spring.
A poncho is a timeless and elegant way to keep yourself warm this season. Wear it with a turtleneck and midi skirt to enhance the ensemble.
Layer a turtleneck under an oxford shirt, and throw a double-breasted overcoat on top for the ultimate layered look for the winter.
Before you can wear it on its own, extend the life of your white tunic by wearing it with a turtleneck and trousers.
White denim paired with a winter statement sweater will give your classic winter look an unexpected twist. This story has been updated by Dale Chong.

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