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17 Reasons to Finally Invest in a Leather Jacket This Fall


Every season, you try on a beautiful leather jacket, look at the price tag, and decide you’ll wait to buy it next year. Then five years pass, and you’re still putting off the purchase. We get it: A truly great leather jacket can make a serious dent in your bank account, but it can also make a serious impact on your wardrobe. Leather jackets can be worn at all times of the day and for any occasion. On top of that, they can be worn in nearly every season. 

Although they're pricey, their versatility is guaranteed to pay off. If you’re willing and able to invest in one, you won’t regret it, which is why we’ve rounded up 17 reasons to justify the idea of spending so much on a single item. With that said, this is the year to finally purchase the piece you can't stop thinking about. Keep reading to see why this splurge-worthy piece is worth every penny.

A leather jacket is a great piece for transitional dressing. When you layer blouses or sweaters in the fall, a leather jacket is the perfect way to tie the outfit together. 
Whether you're going on a dinner date or to an event, a leather jacket is the perfect go-to piece of outerwear.
If you're running late and don't know what to wear, throw on a striped shirt and leather jacket. You're guaranteed to look chic and polished. 
There are always days we know we won't make it home after work. In this case, investing in a leather jacket is perfect for transitioning your daytime outfit to nighttime, especially when worn with black skinny jeans. 
When dressing for comfort, layer a chambray top under your leather jacket. This is the perfect way to feel comfortable and look put together.
Don't want to spend too much time picking out an outfit? Style a leather jacket with your favorite T-shirt, and call it a day.
A leather jacket paired with leather boots will never go out of style. Try this outfit idea on your next day off.
Make the most out of your investment piece, and wear it year-round. Style your jacket with a miniskirt and sneakers during the warmer months.
We all have a little black dress we wear religiously. So if you're looking to freshen up the look, pair your dress with a leather jacket.
Have a plaid shirt and don't know what to style it with? The answer is here: a black leather jacket and your favorite jeans.
A cropped leather jacket is perfect with any high-waisted bottoms. Whether you're going shopping or to lunch with friends, you can never go wrong with this staple outfit pairing. 
Style your leather jacket with denim jeans and a plain shirt, and voilà—you have your next go-to outfit.
Tuck your shirt into a pencil skirt or trousers, and throw on a leather jacket for your next chic office look.
If you want to make your favorite accessories feel fresh, try pairing them with a leather jacket—it's simple and won't take away from the pieces themselves.
Whether you're wearing lace or a pop of red, leather jackets go well with any and all fabrics.
If you're like us, you probably find yourself wearing head-to-toe denim quite a bit. To freshen up the look, style your next denim outfit with a touch of leather. 
Want to wear your favorite sweater over and over again without anyone noticing? Style it with a leather jacket to change up the look.
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