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16 Style Pick-Me-Ups to Get You Through Your Week

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It’s Wednesday, it’s raining out, and no matter how many vanilla lattes your drinking, it’s not quite putting that pep in your step you desperately need to get through the workweek. Which is why right about now a fashion pick-me-up is well and truly in order. Luckily, the bright and bold colors that are reigning supreme this spring are just the remedy to add some joie de vivre into the week. From cheerful accessories and colorful dresses, consider these chic finds your sartorial serotonin.

Swap out your camel trench for a peppy pink one instead.
We'll be wearing these sunny sandals when warm weather hits.
Insta-worthy frames.
A cheery sweater for those cool spring nights. Available in sizes XS to L.
Earrings that put a smile on your face.
Shoes so striking you'll want to dress from your feet up. Available in sizes 6 to 10.
A floral frock is sure to give you a spring high. Available in sizes 2 to 10.
This will spruce up even your most dreary sweatpants and tees.
Yes, scrunchies are back! Guaranteed to put a pep in your step as you swing your pony tail.
Your slip dress just got a bright and beautiful upgrade.
Just add a panama hat and piña colada. Available in sizes XS to L.
Your spring brunch uniform, covered.
A stylish finish touch.
From work to weekend in style.
Just add white denim jeans. Available in sizes DK32 to DK42.
Putting you in the mood for the weekend. Available in sizes XS.

Looking for more spring style ideas? Check out the under-$100 must-haves to take you into the new season.

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