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13 Perfect Winter Outfits for Women Who Always Wear Skirts


Naturally, in the winter our instincts tell us to cover up and show as little skin as possible to stay warm. But some exceptions make it possible to wear a short hem and expose a bit of leg. Want to see how? The 13 images ahead are perfect examples of how to wear skirts in chilly temperatures.

Opting for chunky knits and tights (fleece-lined of course) instead of denim jackets and socks can make the best use of skirts during the blistering cold season. From miniskirts to maxi skirts, take a look at all the ways to incorporate these hemlines into your winter style.

Keep your layers neat and tidy with just a peek of a flouncy hemline on display.
Pair with a practical puffer and Converse sneakers for a laid-back, casual aesthetic.
Instead of covering up with an oversize coat, sneak a sweater underneath your layers.
Choose a skirt in a metallic sheen. No matter how you style it, it'll make for an extra-special touch.
We're always up for a hemline with fringe benefits.
We call this look, "cold-weather camouflage".
If you go the miniskirt route, look for lush textures. (And don't forget the tights!)
Go ahead and make your look all about your statement boots.
For the mildest of winter days, juxtapose a luxe pencil skirt with a cozy, oversize sweatshirt.
Pair an elongated sweater over a maxi-length skirt for a comfortable outfit you can practically live in until April.
Wintery, warm textures will especially pop against a pair of bold shoes.
Create an elongated silhouette with an extra-high turtleneck and maxi skirt.
Even if your hemline reads as elegant, skip the heels and opt for sturdy boots instead.

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