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11 Times Celeb Couples Wore Matching Outfits


We love to follow celebrities. We love following celebrity couples even more. But when the buzzworthy duos step out in matching outfits, it brings our obsession to a whole new level. Not only are these couples the chicest of all time, but they’ve proven to be inseparable when it comes to their wardrobes as well. They say that couples in a long-term relationship start to look alike after a while, and this couldn’t be truer of the following 11 pairs. Their commitment to matching outfits is second only to their commitment to each other. From the iconic Britney-Justin denim moment of 2001 to Kim and Kanye’s stunning metallic moment, you have to see these incredible looks.

No one does matching outfits quite like this royal couple. Kate Middleton’s blue velvet dress complements Prince William’s suit to a T. Well done, Kate and William.
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik went for coordinated inky-black looks. In long black trench coats and tiny sunglasses, the duo is pulling some major references from The Matrix and the '90s in general.
Solange and husband Alan Ferguson's outfits weren't quite the literal interpretation of matching you'd expect. Instead, their oxford shoes and black-and-white suiting separates were a cool—and still coordinatedalternative.
Just when we thought the Beckham's could not get any chicer, they step out in these matching tailored suits, showing up every other celebrity couple in attendance.
Bey and J have long been familiar with matching outfits for couples. But it's their glamorous white looks that have our jaws dropping more than anything else. Serious question: is there anything the power couple can't do?
Who can forget this iconic Kimye look from 2016? Decked out in the most metallic of Balmain looks, we're actually not sure which of the two is more eye-cathing.
J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez win our vote for the celebrity couple who managed to match their outfits in the most subtle, yet totally elegant, way.
Matching suits on couples is undoubtedly the coolest way to go for any night out. BRB while we try and re-create this exceptional Chrissy and John look for our next date night.
In their relaxed jeans and matching sneakers, Ellen and Portia mastered the art of the casually matching outfit.
We're throwing it back a bit here, but we know Kate Moss fans will appreciate this all-out '90s look. Because really, who doesn't miss the days of Kate and Johnny?
And last but certainly (certainly) not least, the matching celebrity outfit that's as iconic as they come. We're betting that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's head-to-toe denim will still be remembered as a classic for years to come.

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